Replacement and Refund Policy – Truefruits

Replacement and Refund Policy

The worst feeling in the world is sinking your teeth into a seemingly creamy durian, and finding out that it’s bad. Agree with us? And that’s why we offer replacements and even refunds if you end up getting a bad durian (the chances are pretty rare).

It doesn’t matter whether your durian is sour, watery, unripe or was damaged during the packaging. 

100% customer satisfaction is what we aim for with every delivery we make. So not even a single flaw is left unsolved because we believe that you deserve only the absolute best of the durians, brought to your doorstep straight out of the orchard. So, if you happen to come across or encounter any inconveniences with your purchase, feel free to contact us and let us know. We will try our absolute best to try and solve it for you.

Terms and Conditions for the Refund/Replacement Polity

Our customer service is among the fastest ones in Singapore. Thus, you will receive an update for your refund or replacement within 24 hours of your contact with us. You do not have to worry about getting an unsatisfactory durian; we make sure that your issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

Because of the processing time with the bank, refunds may take up to 7 days. So, do be patient and you will surely receive your refunds after the processing is complete.

During your contact with us, please do mention the following, so that we do our best to understand and fix your issue:

1. Order Number 

2. What issue you had with your order

3. A Photo of the flawed product

4. How many were inadequate