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Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions,
please just send it to hello@truefruits.com.sg

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Our customer service is among the fastest ones in Singapore. Thus, you will receive an update for your refund or replacement within 24 hours of your contact with us. You do not have to worry about getting an unsatisfactory durian; we make sure that your issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

Because of the processing time with the bank, refunds may take up to 7 days. So, do be patient and you will surely receive your refunds after the processing is complete.

During your contact with us, please do mention the following, so that we do our best to understand and fix your issue:

1. Order Number
2. What issue you had with your order
3. A Photo of the flawed product
4. How many were inadequate

To retain the freshness of the Durians we always do Same-day deliveries. Apart from having our own plantation, we also have a huge chain of suppliers across Singapore and other countries like Indonesia and Thailand. The durians that we import take 5-10 hours to reach us right after their harvest. And the moment we get our hands on them, they are out for delivery and are at your plates within the same day.

The service rates are as follows:
✔️ $10 for Same Day Delivery for orders $179.90 and below
✔️ We offer free delivery for orders $180 and above
✔️ We take $15 extra charges for deliveries in areas like Sentosa and Army Camps

The prices of durian vary majorly depending on the yield and the seller’s price tag. The general price of the durians, per kilo, ranges from $20 to $25 per kilo, on the Mao Shan Wang. But True Fruits offers the best prices that everyone can be happy with. Our price range is always cheaper than the cheapest durian rate on the market, on the MSW durians during the yield seasons. The prices of the MSW durians get lower and the cheapest during the high yield seasons.

The prices during the lower yield season can go up to $23 per kilo, depending on the market price of the durians. But an acquaintance with our suppliers, we ensure that our shelves are never empty even during the low yield seasons.

✔️ January – Medium
✔️ February – Medium
✔️ March – Medium High
✔️ April – Medium
✔️ May – Medium
✔️ June – High
✔️ July – Very high
✔️ August – Highest
✔️ September – High
✔️ October – Low
✔️ November – Medium
✔️ December – High

If you’re looking for specific varieties, then August is the best time to get some MSW at their most affordable. Other good months include July (end) to the last week of September.

Variety from Johor or Muar areas should be brought during May to June season for best deals, but July is also a very good time. Lovers of Red Prawn, Jin Feng and Tekka should start eyeing the markets from last week of July to September to get them at steal deals.

Ever-popular Pahang MSW and XO should be best in the last week of June to August (best time) although there is also decent deals in December.

While we do like to remain optimistic, it cannot be denied that durian prices may go up in the future. Durians are becoming increasingly popular in China, and Malaysia is in talks to increase the export amount to them. Currently, since exports of Malaysian durians are not allowed, only those which are shipped illegally are sold. So if the talks succeed, you might be in for a rather drastic increase in durian prices.

In addition, this year the yield of durians was much lower compared to previous years due to heavy rain in the month of May. In addition due to people not being able to travel overseas, the demand of durians is stronger than ever so don’t be surprised to see durians going up at higher prices.

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