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Delivery Information

To retain the freshness of the Durians we always do Same-day deliveries. Apart from having our own plantation, we also have a huge chain of suppliers across Singapore and other countries like Indonesia and Thailand. The durians that we import take 5-10 hours to reach us right after their harvest. And the moment we get our hands on them, they are out for delivery and are at your plates within the same day.

The service rates are as follows:

  • $10 for Same Day Delivery for orders $179.90 and below
  • We offer free delivery for orders $180 and above
  • We take $15 extra charges for deliveries in areas like Sentosa and Army Camps

Fresh from our Plantation

Growing up in a family that owns durians plantations, we know how the quality of durian is vastly affected over time as soon as they are harvested. Due to that reason, we make sure that the durians are packed and delivered to you the moment we receive them from our plantation. It is possible because of our team of amazing delivery trucks that do their best to bring the durians from the plantations to us within a few hours, with utmost care and speed.

Massive Supply Chain

Apart from providing the best durians from our own plantation, we also have dedicated suppliers from Indonesia and Thailand, making True Fruits one of Singapore’s biggest durian delivery brands. The durians that we import from these plantations take 5-10 hours to reach our shelves where they are instantly packed and delivered to your doorstep.

Safety and Packaging

True Fruits ensures that no durian is left unchecked and sloppily packed. Every single fruit is properly packed to maintain its freshness during the delivery period, providing safety measures to the durians.

Order directly from our website

You can directly place your order from our website. All that you need to do is provide the necessary information required and Voila! Durian goodness will reach your doorstep in no time.