The Ultimate Guide To Common Durian Types in Singapore

The Ultimate Guide To Common Durian Types in Singapore

It’s durian season again, and we’re sure that the seemingly endless varieties of durians have confused more than a few durian newbies. After all, we’ve all heard about the famous ones like Mao Shan Wang, and the Red Prawn but are the others just and good?

And with the increase in both demand and pricing, you’ll find our durian guide come in rather handy. With over 400 varieties to choose from, we picked some of our personal recommendations.

Our top 3 recommendations are based on the quality of the durians, their taste and also how popular they are.

Rating Image Points Site
Mao Shan Wang
Mao Shan Wang / Musang King (MSW) - 800g - Durian Delivery Singapore
Combination of both bitter and sweet Buttery yellow flesh Sweet scent Custardy texture Premium durian. Visit site

Red Prawn
Red Prawn - 800g - Durian Delivery Singapore
Sweeter taste, orange to red flesh Watery but creamy texture Best ones from younger trees.
Visit site

The Secret Behind The Name Of D24 Durian (Guest Post) – Sunlife Durian  Puffs & Pastries
.Bittersweet undertones Golden-yellow flesh Creamy texture.
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